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John J. Lotze graduated from Greece Athena H.S. in 1971. After spending a year at Monroe Community College he entered the U.S. Army and served as a budget and fiscal specialist for the Army's Air Defense Command. Serving three years active duty, John returned to M.C.C. and received his accounting degree and went on to SUNY at Brockport.

John joined a small construction firm in 1977 as a part time office manager and a part time insulation mechanic. After serving brief stints with ECO Insulation and Rochester Industrial Insulation, John joined M&D Sun World Insulation in 1980. He served as an insulation crew supervisor until 1984, when he became vice president and partner with the firm. Insulating literally thousands of homes in the Rochester area over the past 22 years, John decided to start his own company in May 1999. 

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Lotze Insulation Design, Inc.
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Rochester, NY 14624
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