Residential and Commercial Insulation Services in Rochester, NY 

Since 1977, Lotze Insulation Design has insulated ceilings for homeowners throughout Rochester, NY and the surrounding communities. We can help reduce heating and cooling costs and soundproof rooms in two-story homes by injecting fiberglass or closed-cell spray foam insulation into your ceilings. Not only will you feel more comfortable throughout the year, but you’ll also enjoy lower energy costs and less noise coming from upper levels. If you need your ceiling insulated, call 585-328-1580.


How Does Insulating Your Ceiling Improve Your Home?

The warm air in your home rises upward. In the winter, that means warm air from your heating system can rise up to the ceiling and escape through any air pockets, causing your home to lose heat (and causing you to use more energy to keep your home heated). In the summer, that means warm air from outside can come in and rise to the upper levels of your home, causing the upstairs to feel warmer and uncomfortable.

When you count on Lotze Insulation Design to insulate your ceiling, you’ll receive high-quality insulation that we’ll inject right into your ceiling in order to slow down the transfer of warm air. That way, you can keep warm during the winter and cool during the summer without having to rely too much on your heating and cooling systems. Stay comfy without spending a fortune!

Additionally, insulating your ceiling can also soundproof your home. Noise can travel through your ceiling, so anyone downstairs can hear what you’re doing upstairs and vice versa. Insulating your ceilings can help muffle the noise that travels between floors so you won’t have to hear feet thumping loudly around upstairs or loud noises from downstairs.

If you need a reliable company to install ceiling insulation in your home or business, call us at 585-328-1580.