Residential and Commercial Rodent ProofingServices in Rochester, NY 

Keep mice, rats and other rodents out of your home by counting on Lotze Insulation Design to seal off entry points with spray foam insulation. Since 1977, we’ve helped homes throughout Rochester, NY and the surrounding communities stay rodent-free by applying insulation that prevent rodents from making nests inside your walls and attic. We make sure to use insulation materials that won’t turn into a food source or nest for pesky rodents so you won’t have to worry about rodents throughout the year.

A rodent infestation is bad news for any homeowner. Whether they’re scurrying behind your walls or eating through stored food, mice and rats can cause a whole mess of problems, including structural damage to your home and the spread of disease through droppings and bites. They’re difficult to prevent because they can enter through even the smallest openings on your home’s exterior and make nests in hard-to-reach layers of your home. What’s worse is that some kinds of insulation—such as cellulose and fiberglass—can serve as a nest and a food source for rodents, which not only encourages mice and rats to live in your home, but also makes your insulation ineffective.


How Does Insulation Stop Rodents?

Insulation does more than help your home stay at comfortable temperatures and save money on energy bills—it also acts as a great rodent prevention method. We can rodent-proof your home by applying insulation to openings so rodents can’t enter. For rodent-proofing jobs, we specifically use spray foam insulation because it acts as a reliable barrier against living organisms. The chemical makeup of the foam makes it unsuitable as a food source for rodents. Unlike fiberglass and cellulose, which have gaps in-between the fibers, expanded foam creates a solid mass that won’t let even the smallest mouse enter. After we apply spray foam to the openings around your home, you can be sure that rodents won’t try to enter and you’ll not only have a more comfortable home, but a rodent-free home, as well. To schedule rodent-proofing for your home, call 585-328-1580.


If you need a reliable company to protect your home or business with rodent proofing, call us at 585-328-1580.